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It is fair to say that British people are very proud of their cultural heritage, and rightly so. With a love for historical buildings, period dramas and antiques shows, our fascination for all things past remains unabated.

The good news is that you don’t need to live in a 16th-century castle to own antiques! They will be equally at home in a country cottage, a listed building or your everyday flat or house. But wherever they are, they bring elegance and warmth to any interior.

Antiques are also incredibly good value compared to modern furniture. They may be slightly more expensive, but if they are still standing after a couple of centuries, there is no doubt that they are of a much higher quality than your average flat-packed offering! So if you are looking for second-hand furniture, have a look at what we offer before reaching out to preloved furniture websites.

Molly Dog Antiques is an online store for antiques, with a wide range of second-hand furniture from all periods. Whether you are looking for Edwardian furniture, Georgian furniture, Victorian kitchen furniture, Art Deco patio furniture, 1950s furniture or 1960s furniture, browse our shop to find the perfect piece.