Your Guide to Antique Furniture

Antique Timelines

DatesBritish MonarchUK PeriodFrench PeriodStyle
1649-1660CommonwealthCromwellianLouis XIV (1643-1715)Baroque
1660-1685Charles IIRestoration / Stuart  
1685-1689James IIRestoration / Stuart  
1689-1694William & MaryWilliam & Mary / Stuart Rococo (1695-1760)
1694-1702William IIIWilliam III / Stuart  
1702-1714AnneQueen Anne / Stuart  
1714-1727George IEarly GeorgianRegence (1715-1723)
1727-1760George IIEarly GeorgianLouis XV (1723-1774) 
1760-1811George IIILate GeorgianLouis XVI (1774-1793); Directoire (1993-1799); Empire (1799-1815)Neoclassical (c1755-1805)
1812-1820George IIIRegencyRestauration (1815-1830)Regency (c1812-1830)
1820-1830George IVRegency  
1830-1837William IVWilliam IVLouis Philippe (1830-1848); 2nd Republic (1848-1852); 2nd Empire (1852-1870)Arts & Crafts (1880-1900)
1901-1910Edward VIIEdwardian Art Nouveau (c1900-1920)
1920-1930   Art Deco (1920–1930)

Vintage Fireplace Accessories

Since man became able to produce fire, we have had a fascination with it. Early cave dwellers were able to keep warm and cook in open fire pits and to this day, we still find nothing better than snuggling down in front of an open fire.

As the years passed, we have made more of our fires than just a simple way of heating and cooking. We have sought to develop the fireplace into a central part of any home.

Your Guide to Antique Furniture

The world of antique furniture is huge. The more you know the easier it is to spot a bargain. It is also useful to have an idea of what period of history your furniture is from.

We have created a guide to help understand the main periods in history. When people talk about Victorian or Edwardian you will be able to understand what time frame they represent.

Your Guide to Victorian Furniture

The reign of Queen Victoria saw an enormous growth of the British population, which more than doubled between 1812 and 1870. At the same time, the Industrial Revolution was in full swing, resulting in the appearance of an ever-increasing middle class.

Those two factors contributed to an explosion in the production of Victorian furniture -made affordable thanks to the development of machines- fuelled by a middle class eager to express its social status by cramming its homes with as much furniture as possible.

Your Guide to Edwardian Furniture

The death of Queen Victoria in 1901 ushered in a new era with her heir Edward VII. The new king was an avid follower of fashion and had a keen interest in the arts, and the change of furniture style in that period reflects his taste for luxury and extravagance.

Spanning less than a decade, the king’s reign was defined by its free spirit and its rejection of the restraint of the Victorians, and this was reflected in the evolution of Edwardian furniture.

Woodworms Holes: Understand When There Really is a Problem

You might have read that tiny holes in timber equal woodworm infestation. Before you start panicking and calling a timber-treatment firm, just hold on a second.

Seeing holes in timber is not necessarily a sign that wood-boring insects have taken residence in your house. On the contrary, those ‘flight holes’ indicate that the beetles have matured and munched their way out so you may be looking at the remnants of a past infestation.