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Oak fire screen with embroidered coat of arms


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Material: Oak and embroidered linen

Width: 54 cm / 21.3 inches

Height: 84 cm / 33.1 inches

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Gorgeous oak fire screen with embroidered linen

What room wouldn’t benefit from this gorgeous cheval style fire screen? Known as a horse or cheval fire screen, derived from the French for horse. The beautifully turned legs in solid oak make this a must have piece of vintage furniture for any room.

With the attention to detail in the skillfully turned spiral legs and sturdy carved feet, your fireplace will look simply amazing when coupled with our oak fire screen depicting an embroidered coat of arms design within the enclosed banner.

In recent years there has been an upsurge of interest in vintage or antique furniture and fire screens, fire guards, accessories to compliment the open fire or solid fuel stove are just a few items that have sparked this interest. For many years home owners, private landlords and councils have been removing open fires and solid fuel stoves, replacing them with modern gas boilers and radiators. More recently, modern homes have even departed from mains gas appliances in favour of electricity. All heating, including water and cooking are moving towards electricity in an attempt to avoid fossil fuel consumption.

The return of vintage and antique fire screens

As mentioned above, we have seen a marked decline in traditional methods of heating. Even everyday furniture has moved toward MDF and veneered chip board construction to cut cost and satisfy the flat packed market. Fortunately, many are now realising that we are rapidly losing our heritage and yearn for the quality and longevity that vintage and antique items of furniture can give us. Let's face it, you will never find any antique flat packed furniture in the future, it simply isn’t built to last that long.

So many properties that were stripped of their original fire places and stoves are having them fitted again. The open fire and solid fuel stove market has literally taken off as people search for a more cost effective and inviting way of heating their homes. Nothing is as welcoming than an open fire, they just give you have a sense of well being and having a vintage oak fire screen to compliment it is even better.

Another reason for the apparent renaissance in vintage and antique furniture such as fire screens is that people are now demanding quality over quantity. People want their furniture to not only look good, be functional, but they want it to last for many years. They want to recapture a time when life seemed less complex, less hurried and less stressful! A time when the house felt more like a home, cosy, warm, comfortable and inviting. Our vintage fire screens and fire accessories have the ability to transport you back to a bygone era when people were not rushing off for their next Zoom meeting or conference call.

When purchasing a vintage or antique oak embroidered fire screen from us, you can be certain that you are buying into a traditional piece of high quality oak furniture with a luxurious patina that will simply improve as the years roll by.

The wonderful coat of arms design delivers a definite regal quality to this fine vintage oak fire screen. A piece of quality furniture that will enhance any property, from a modern new build town house to an old oak beamed country cottage.

A brief history of fire guards

There has been an increase of people who want to have open fires or stoves installed in their properties, the need for fireplace accessories has increased too. Fire screens or fireguards started out as a form of furniture that was to be used as a shield between the occupants of a room and the fireplace itself. The intended function of the fire screen was to reduce the intensity and discomfort of excessive heat produced by a log fire. They also had the function of preventing hot embers from being spat out of the fireplace into the room.

The earlier fire screens were mostly shaped as flat panels that stood on attached feet, or as adjustable shield like panels that were mounted on tripod style table legs. These were often constructed from metal as they would not catch fire and would also reflect some heat back. Unfortunately the all metal designs could become very hot, which saw them being replaced by wooden fire screens.

These wooden fire screens would often be made to look more attractive and ornate by being covered with attractive fabrics with skillful needlework ranging from simple floral and more ornate coat of arms designs, through to gorgeous tapestry designs. This meant that when the fire was not being used to heat the property or cook, the fire screen served a far more decorative purpose.

Today fire screens in the modern home have become very attractive, decorative shields of sheet metal, glass, or wire mesh that can be placed in front of a fireplace opening to protect the room from open fires and flying embers. The vintage or antique designs are very popular, with Victorian designs being a favourite way to rekindle the look and feel of yesteryear.

Types of fire screens and guards

The often folding three panel fire screen, which covers the fireplace almost completely, has two side panels that are angled away from the central panel. This is a very popular design and an attractive way of providing decoration in any room.

Another very popular design of antique or vintage fire guard is known as a horse screen, or sometimes a cheval screen, which alludes to the fire screens French history, as cheval is the French word for horse. This type of fire screen came into wide use from the 18th century. The cheval fire screen is a wide fire guard that has two feet on either side, this arrangement of the feet lending itself to the equestrian name.

When placed in front of the unused fireplace, the decorated fire screen dramatically improves the appearance of the room. Many vintage fire screens are decorated with delicate and colourful embroidery, while some have carefully painted wood or sometimes even stained glass. The stained glass fire screens really make any fireplace come alive and add dramatically to the antique or vintage aesthetic that is so often desired today. The frame and feet of these fire screens are sometimes carved in beautiful ways, some delightful examples depicted rampant horses with luxurious flowing manes.

The pole fire screen also began to appear during the 18th century. This particular fire guard is a smaller fire screen that is placed on a vertical pole which is then mounted on a tripod. The pole fire screen is then placed between the lit fire and the occupants of the room, this functional fire screen can be adjusted up or down to shield the persons face from the intense heat. The pole fire screen can be rectangular or a far more ornate shape, and is often decorated with embroidered tapestries, lacquer or paint.

The banner fire screen is quite similar to a pole fire screen, but instead of a solid fire guard there is a loose piece of silk or embroidery that is weighed down with tassels on the lower edge of the fire screen like a traditional banner would be. These gorgeous looking banners fire screens are supported from the top edge by a crossbar connected to a pole.

An antique fire guard for todays decor

Today we tend to place more importance on the aesthetics of a fireplace, the fire accessories and fire screens than the actual functionality that used to determine their use. Although, fireplace screens can and do continue to serve the dual purpose of safeguarding against embers from the open fire and being a very decorative piece of furniture in their own right. Some even use them when they have a disused fireplace, often placing a vase of fresh or dried flowers for dramatic effect. This effect is only enhanced with a vintage or antique fire screen to bring a wonderful feeling of homeliness to your living room.


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